In the dynamic urban life, Soulyu emerged as a symbol of self-expression and radiance. Swiftly becoming synonymous with innovation and reliability, Soulyu provided products that empowered individuals to embrace their unique radiance.

Soulyu has a spirit to craft products that enhance both outer radiance and inner glow. With Soulyu, beauty transcends the surface, representing a journey of self-expression, confidence, and the true value of women radiance soul.

Soulyu distinguished itself with a commitment to thoroughness and efficacy. It strived to understand and address imperfections at the brand core. This approach ensured that every product giving excellence, emphasizing the brand's dedication to exceeding expectations.


At Soulyu, ‘your soul’ is our inspiration. We believe beauty emanates from the soul, and our makeup and skincare lines are designed to amplify that inner radiance. By seamlessly blending lightweight makeup with nurturing skincare, we empower every woman to let her soul shine through, confidently and authentically.

Valencia Tanoesoedibjo

Our Values

“Innovative, Sophisticated, Allure”
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True beauty is an exploration of your innermost self, and at SOULYU, we're not just enhancers; we're instruments of empowerment, guiding you to discover and embrace your authentic soul.

Our products celebrate your uniqueness, crafted with powerful formulations, we extend our commitment to a journey that enhances outer radiance while aligning with your inner values.

Wearing SOULYU is a conscious choice, shaping your identity beyond appearance and embracing the soul that makes you uniquely, soulfully you.